Early Childhood Nutrition | Patient Education


(Note: This course is not for CE credit.)

Feeding kids can be a challenge! This course provides education and solutions for parents needing help with a variety of issues and questions. Taught by registered dietitian and mom, Courtney Lee, MS, RDN, CLT, CFCS, this program is perfect for new parents or kiddos coping with difficulty eating. 

Included in This Course:

Lesson 1: Coping with a Picky Eater
In this lesson, we discuss how to manage and mature picky eaters. Courtney discusses why picky eating can be normal and how to help children find more foods they'll eat and enjoy.
Lesson 2: Transitioning Foods at Different Ages
Ever wonder when you should give children more food and by how much? This lesson covers nutrient needs, recommended food groups, and portion sizes. 
Lesson 3: Is My Child Getting Enough Protein?
A question many parents consider, but one that's tough to answer. This lesson provides practical ranges and examples for monitoring a child's protein intake. Finally, we discuss what to do in case of a deficiency.
Lesson 4: When to Consider Nutritional Supplements
Parents can be overwhelmed by options for supplementing their child's diet. This lesson covers the signs of nutrient inadequacies, defines the difference between inadequacy and deficiency, and types of supplements for kids.
Lesson 5: Reducing Sugar in Your Child's Diet
Seems like everything has a deceptive amount of sugar, right? This lesson covers guidelines and tips for monitoring sugar intake, identifying sugar sources, and reducing when applicable.
Lesson 6: Addressing Early Childhood Obesity
Childhood obesity impacts more than just the child and parents, and it can be a challenging topic to approach. This lesson defines childhood obesity and how to manage obesity in a child.
Lesson 7: Food Allergy Basics
In this lesson, Courtney defines terms, outlines common allergies, discusses prevention methods, and identifies food allergy treatment strategies.