Wellness and Weight Management | Patient Education


(Note: This course is not for CE credit.)

The progress towards a healthy diet and achieving weight loss starts with the fundamentals of healthy eating patterns. This course teaches the science of nutrition and weight loss in an easy-to-understand and evidence-based manner. Courtney Lee, MS, RDN, CLT, CFCS, separates facts from fiction and provides a framework towards a healthier life.  

Included in This Course:

Lesson 1: Healthy Eating Patterns
In this lesson, Courtney teaches the nutrition guidelines for a healthy life. Additionally, she shows you how to apply these guidelines with MyPlate, and finally covers the basics of weight management.
Lesson 2: Secrets of Weight Management
Lots of people have made the mechanics of weight loss complicated. Courtney clears up confusion, and provides the fundamentals needed to understanding how to manage weight effectively and for the long term.
Lesson 3: Exercise Basics
No fancy equipment sale, no weird products. This lesson defines physical activity and explains how it impacts your daily life and caloric needs.
Lesson 4: Examining Popular Diets for Weight Loss
In this lesson, Courtney discusses several popular diets or diet trends like keto, tracking macros, intermittent fasting, low-carb diets, and more. 
Lesson 5: Healthy Eating on a Budget
Healthy eating isn't expensive, and doesn't have to break the bank. This lesson provides money saving tips to make healthy eating a reality.
Lesson 6: Healthy Eating When Dining Out
This lesson includes practical tips and tricks to make eating out an enjoyable experience.
Lesson 7: Exploring Supplements for Weight Loss
Fifteen percent of people have tried a supplement for weight loss. This lesson reviews the most important considerations when it comes to supplements.
Wellness & Weight Management Workbook
+ Calculating Your Macros and BMI Worksheets