Gestational Diabetes | Patient Education


(Please note: This course is not for CPEU credit.)

Through simple nutrition modifications, gestational diabetes is manageable. Taught by registered dietitian and mom, Caitlin Quinn, MPH, RDN, this course walks you through easy steps to manage gestational diabetes like a champ.

Included in This Course:

Lesson 1: Causes, Risk Factors & Treatment of Gestational Diabetes

In this introductory lesson, we get into the facts about gestational diabetes. 

Lesson 2: How Carbohydrates Affect Gestational Diabetes

This lesson reviews sources of carbohydrates, their role with blood sugar levels, and how they impacts gestational diabetes management. Also, Caitlin shares a few simple tips on carb counting.

Lesson 3: Meal Planning for Gestational Diabetes

Lesson 3 puts your knowledge to action, and we show you how to plan your meals and snacks for a day. Also, Caitlin answers a few burning questions she hears from moms.

Lesson 4: Practical Advice, Myths, Tips & Tricks

This lesson gets into more broad guidance and advice for symptoms you may face during pregnancy. Dealing with heartburn or nausea? Want to be active, but not sure how much is too much? This lesson is full of practical advice.

BONUS: Build a Gestational Diabetes-Friendly Plate

Caitlin shows you how to plate out a meal and how to choose between certain snacks. Don't worry, we're keeping the meal simple so you can whip it up while you watch.