Nutrition During Breastfeeding | Patient Education


(Please note: This course is not for continuing education credit.)

In this video series, Courtney Lee, MS, RDN, CLT, CFCS discusses healthy ways to feed both yourself and your baby when breastfeeding. 

Included In This Course:

Lesson 1: Breastfeeding 101

This is a short lesson on the basics of breastfeeding. This lesson clarifies terminology and sets the stage for the rest of the course.

Lesson 2: Nutrition Needs for Mom and Baby

Courtney gets into the details of what nutrition needs are for you and your little one. Topics include why diet is important, dietary recommendations, how diet impacts breastmilk, and any additional nutrition baby might need. 

Lesson 3: Stimulating Milk Production

This lesson is helpful in understanding any barriers to stimulating milk production, and how to troubleshoot those challenges. Also, we demonstrate how to use a pump and breastfeeding frequency. 

Lesson 4: Troubleshooting Common Breastfeeding Challenges

This lesson covers latching issues, engorgement, mastitis, oversupply, excessive spitting up, and more.

Lesson 5: New Moms Call-In

We solicited and answered questions from moms across the country. There's no such thing as bad questions when it comes to nutrition.

Lesson 6: Using Bottles and Pacifiers

This lesson covers when and how to use bottles and pacifiers, and the expert's guidance on how to introduce them while continuing breastfeeding.

Lesson 7: Supplementing with Formula and Fortifiers

This lesson defines the difference between formula and fortifiers, and when they should be used.