Season 4 | Episode 6: Under Pressure: Nutrition for Pressure Injuries

Season 4 | Episode 6: Under Pressure: Nutrition for Pressure Injuries

Season 4 | Episode 6: Under Pressure: Nutrition for Pressure Injuries

In this episode of "Dietitians Only," we delve deep into the critical role of nutrition in managing and healing pressure injuries. Sara Glanz, MS, RD, LD, CNSC reviews who’s at high risk for developing pressure injuries, staging, and how nutrition can help in prevention and healing. In addition to discussing recommendations for calories and protein, we review the latest research and guidelines surrounding vitamin, arginine, and HMB supplementation. This episode is packed with valuable information and actionable tips that can help you prevent and treat pressure injuries through proper nutrition.


Show notes:

  • An Update on MNT for Pressure Injuries | 1 CPEU webinar
  • Nutrition Recommendations for Pressure Injury Healing infographic
  • National Pressure Injury Advisory Panel

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