Malnutrition 101: Components of a Successful Malnutrition Program | 1 CPEU


Malnutrition is quite possibly the number one issue in clinical nutrition. With up to 60% of patients affected by this debilitating condition, dietitians are the only professionals who are uniquely trained to identify malnutrition, treat it, and provide the documentation needed to secure an accurate diagnosis. Dietitians On Demand is by your side to help you develop a comprehensive malnutrition program in your own facility.

In the Malnutrition 101 webinar, we will take you through each step of a successful malnutrition program, from admission to discharge. You'll learn what metrics to share with key stakeholders and what your patients stand to gain with improved malnutrition care.

Learning Needs Codes: 3000, 5000, 5285, 7160

Performance Indicators: 6.1.6, 8.1.5, 8.3.1, 8.3.2